Tuesday, July 20, 2010

iPhone 4's on the way!

You know what that means????

Our old iPhones will be passed down. Well not so fast.

We actually may just move our oldest to the iPhone and pass her iTouch down to our youngest daughter and purchase a older iSomething for the 3 year old. (sell one iPhone to recoup some $$$)

Since my iPhone: iGift or iCurse post, I have rarely seen my phone. I hear the tri-tone sound meaning a text has come through and watch in dismay as my 3 year old hits the ignore button and continues to play whatever app he's using.

So with the impending arrival of the new iPhones, I thought it fitting to set some new iPhone rules since we will be the iPhone family.

#1: Just because you are using an iPhone/iTouch does not mean said device actually belongs to you. THEY ARE ALL MINE. I PAID FOR THEM. I OWN THEM.

#2: All of the previous iRules apply. Must be used in a seated position. No food or beverages while using the iPhone. If iRules are not followed, I reserve the right to iConfiscate the iPhone.

#3: Now that you have an iPhone/iTouch, don't ask me for anything! Seriously, my job is done. You are NEVER allowed to say you are bored again...EVER! You are on your own. Check for a mom app if you need assistance.

I'm sure I will come up with more, but I think this is a pretty good start.