Sunday, July 18, 2010

Where do we put all this stuff?!?

I'm still in a weird space. I will explain more in a later post I am working on. I think the topic will resonate with many. I just have not figured out how to say what I want to say.

So I will take a mental break from that and ponder another question:

where the heck do we put all this stuff? When I say "stuff" I am talking about all of the kid/ adult paraphernalia that comes with life. More specifically, the outdoor "stuff." Since it's summer, it's only fitting we spend a great deal of time outdoors. So here's my garage setup:

Three car garage. Two car side has, you guessed it--two cars plus a host of other "stuff." Mainly car-related "stuff". There is also a party tent, a blow up pool which resides in it's off-duty hours on top of our second car, a couple of paint cans and some other miscellaneous items.

The one car side has all of the lawn car items including; lawn mower, blower, edger, various shovels, gardening tools, fertilizer and sprays.Then there's a power washer, snow blower, wheel barrow, two recycle cans, two garbage cans, a ladder that looks like you could reach the sun, etc...

AND then the "stuff" I'm talking about...

I have four big bikes, two trikes (one my neighbor forced upon us and I could not say no since my son jumped right on it), a Radio Flyer wagon filled with plastic toy "stuff", a sled, about 8 bike helmets (everyone's head keeps growing!), bike pump, child trailer for bike, 7 tennis rackets (the camp gave them ones after I purchased), 5 basketballs, beach chairs, beach umbrellas, beach toys, sidewalk I have three strollers. I do not keep the strollers in the garage currently because some creepy looking bugs were out there and I didn't want them taking up residence in the strollers and making an appearance while the stroller was in the car or worse, while in use.

My husband and I used to look at people with garages that looked like ours now and just shake our heads thinking, "you can't possibly need all of that stuff." I am here to repent and apologize to those people and say, "YES! You do need all this stuff."

Not only do you need all this stuff, you need a place to keep it all safe and in good repair so you don't have to buy replacement "stuff."

So I am looking for ideas; creative & cleaver ideas for storing the "stuff." I live in a development that does not allow us to have sheds (which is why I said creative & cleaver). I do have a basement (that is home to the indoor "stuff"--we can talk about in another post.) I think I am going to have to spend a little money on some garage storage, but wanted to see what others are doing. I would like to keep the outdoorsy stuff in the garage and the indoorsy stuff indoors, with the exception of maybe the strollers.

So what are you doing with your stuff?