Tuesday, August 31, 2010

We got our iPhone 4s and the kids have their iTouch/iPhones and all is right with the world!

Well sort of. The majority of the fighting has definitely stopped and the good news is I can now answer a call or a text if you are trying to reach me.

There are still challenges, like now the girls think because most games are .99 cents, we can buy a game every minute of the day. The biggest change has been my son who actually takes care of his touch better than the girls. The rhinestone encrusted one you see is now as naked as can be. My daughter thought it would be cool to try and decorate other things with the stones. You can definitely see the personalities represented in the cases.

I just wanted to keep you up-to-date with the iPhone situation.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sleepovers? WTH???

Okay calling all moms (and dads if any read)

What the heck is up with the sleepover thing?

My girls keep talking about sleepovers (mostly after being around a group of friends who are talking about sleepovers). Is this some new thing that I don't know about because my girls are barely 7 and soon-to-be 9. Who is sleeping over at those ages? Did I miss something. Was there a sleepover age shift that I just missed?

I don't think times have changed that much have they? I grew up going to sleepovers. I was older. I personally was not that crazy about them. I love sleep. Period. Always have and probably always will. I could never stay up late and still can't. My childhood friends still tease me to this day. (It's all good. I'm well rested. LOL)

Now here's the thing. My two daughters can barely sleep in their own dang beds without waking up constantly to voice all sorts of concerns, so it is crazy to me to think they would sleep in a strange house in a strange bed or floor. I just don't see it. My girls do not have cousins or other family members that they have spent the night with. They are total sleepover virgins. Not to mention their father is just not having it. He is against the sleepover thing and that is a battle I am not willing to go to the mat for them at this time. NO THANKS!

So now I have them asking if friends can come here for a sleepover, but again really??? Aren't they a little young?

Someone enlighten me please. What are your sleepover thoughts, experiences and stories? Please share.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Referral for Overwhelmed

It's been a minute and so much has happened this last month of summer that I need to try to capture in a post. Right now I am feeling totally overwhelmed. About a month an a half ago, I thought it would be a good idea to schedule simultaneous well child visits for two of my children. In the meantime, another child had an issue and I added on a third appointment to the already stacked schedule. Well today was reckoning day. I had two well child visits and one sick visit. Really no biggie when you think about it. I am not the first mom to do this.

My issue is this: I left the appointment with about 8 different referrals, three huge packets of material to read and another gazillion thoughts in my head about what I coulda-shoulda-woulda done differently.

I know others know the feeling...After leaving the doctor's office, I feel like when the hell do I have time to simultaneously, wean my 11 month old, introduce more solids and table foods, read 20 minutes each night to all four of my children, practice with my 3 year old answering the question if he is a boy or a girl, which letter is bigger or smaller and oh a little thing called POTTY TRAINING. Then there is the worrying about the neurology consult or maybe the cardiology consult, oh no wait, the chipped tooth that is discolored, or the constant disrupted sleep, incessant coughing, nail biting, eating too much of this and not enough of that...I could go on, but I am feeling myself get overwhelmed just typing.

Okay moms, really? Like when do we breathe? Can I sit on my ass and maybe talk to my husband-EVER? We are both running around with books, flashcards, trying to address all these needs in time for the next well child visit. I can barely answer the phone when it rings in my house let alone find time to sit and read like Mary Poppins to all four of my children. Now I remember a time (feels like remembering my wedding day or early years of marriage) when we could read quietly to one child and work quietly with another. Just like the years of sleeping until 10 am (shit I will take an 8 am wake up call) those were the good old days and are sadly gone for now. How do we meet all these needs? I know it all gets done. Right now I am just feeling overwhelmed (because I am tired and when I am tired, everything is doom and gloom to me). Tomorrow will be a new day and I will forge ahead with renewed energy like always...But I'm not there now.

Right now I'm still in the "really, who the hell thought all this shit was doable?!?!" phase. I don't remember my folks doing half of what I do and I don't remember having to go for a neurological consult or a cardiology consult or any other type of consult. Just the good old pediatrician who took your height and weight and gave you a dreaded vaccine every now and then. That's it. No trick questions. No guilt. No feelings to overwhelm.

I need a parent consult to deal with all this mess. Got anything for me?